Kelli Kolar

0423 542 532


Face to face consultations in Mitchelton or Samford, Brisbane, QLD

Online and phone consultations worldwide

I am a nutritionist and a naturopath with special interest in gut health and food compatibility. Since year 2010 I have loved my work in a busy pharmacy and a wellness clinic where I have conducted private consultations, trainings and seminars.

During the consultations I always want to find the underlying cause of problems. I approach every person individually with true care and will take into consideration their goals, lifestyles and preferences.

I believe it is important to remove the aggravating foods first and observe how the health is improving. Only if necessary I will prescribe supplements or send my clients to further testings. During the consultation I often analyze my clients  current diet and the most recent pathology results.

I am available for consultations online, over the phone or in person.

In addition, I am able to organise health seminars, talks, trainings and write health related articles.

BHSc. Nutritional Medicine

Adv.Dipl. Naturopathy

Adv.Dipl. Western Herbal Medicine

Member of ANTA