Are foods causing your health issues?

Perform a food sensitivity test to find out what is best for you!


This hair test is developed over 30 years ago in Australia and is used in over 20 countries. It is a non-invasive and painless test that…


Test is suitable for the following health issues: Digestive, Skin, Respiratory, Behavioural, Headaches, Energy, Hormones…


Covers 620 Australian foods (not American or any other) and body products including: Vegetables and sprouts, Fruits and berries…


Some people may see improvements in their health within a week while others in 6-8 weeks. Certain symptoms may respond quicker than…


How much hair is needed? Does it matter if my hair is coloured? How long before I see the results? Is it normal for my symptoms to get worse?…


Read about hair test and consultation prices here. Consultations can be done either face to face or online/telehealth.


I am a nutritionist and a naturopath with special interest in gut health. Since year 2010 I have loved my work in a busy pharmacy and a wellness clinic where…
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