Frequently Asked Questions

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How much hair is needed? 

Approximately ½ tsp cut from any part of the body (head, back, arms, chest). If no hair, use saliva on a cotton bud and place in a plastic zip lock bag (for babies and bald people).

Does it matter if my hair is coloured? 

No, the equipment is calibrated to suit each hair sample. It can be coloured, unwashed, permed.

How long before I see the results?

Usually the symptom relief can start in 3 -10 days as the inflammation settles. By the end of 4 -6 weeks the body is in repair process stage. Results may vary between clients. Chronic and autoimmune conditions take longer.

How does this test differ from the skin pricking, blood tests and other hair tests? 

Skin prick and blood tests are aiming to pick up allergies and severe intolerances. Hair500 test reveals “sneaky” and chronic under the surface aggravators that are often very challenging to detect with other methods. Your practitioner can refer you to allergy and intolerance tests if you require one. Hair 500 test is not a hair mineral analysis or a heavy metal test, these ones can be performed if necessary using different labs.

Is this an allergy test? 

No, this is not a test to detect severe allergic reactions or elevated antibodies. It is a compatibly test which discovers items that have negative low grade and delayed reaction in our bodies. A person can have allergies and incompatibilities at the same time to different foods. People would often know their allergies but struggle pinpointing the “sneaky” aggravators that the test shows.

Does it matter if I follow specific diet, therapy or take medications?

The Bio-Compatibility System complements and integrates easily with any other therapy or medication by simply removing foods and household items that are testing negative for your body.

Is it normal for my symptoms to get worse?

At the very start of the new foods list it is possible for some people to experience temporary elimination symptoms such as light headache, bad breath, coated tongue, excess mucous, smellier urine or changes in stools. This depends on the toxicity level associated with the condition. Skin conditions may get temporarily worse before they get better, skin being a large eliminatory organ. Your practitioner may prescribe some topical creams or supplements to minimise any discomfort.

Will this help me to lose weight?

The test is not advertised just for the weight loss but some people do lose weight. After a while the body works more optimally and starts to eliminate excess fluids and reduce inflammation. The program assists the body to detox and eliminate better.

Why can I only eat the foods remaining in black on the list?

Every food or product that is not on the list is assumed as being incompatible to the body unless individually tested. Eating as little as one incompatible item three times a week can slow down or stop the repair process. So sticking to the 500 items is crucial.

Why do I need to eliminate the food in red for 6 months?

Excess inflammatory mediators in the bloodstream cause inflammation. Antibodies live for 3-90 days. To cover all scenarios and gain the maximum benefit it is recommend to follow the foods list for a minimum of 6 months. Many clients have experienced great improvements in symptoms at the 4-6 week stage. However there is often some tissue damage which the body needs more time to repair. This is why it is recommended to follow the foods list for a minimum of 6 months. Some items will resolve and can be brought back into the diet, others will never correct.

How do I reintroduce the foods that have been eliminated?

There is a specific procedure for reintroducing corrected items to help lower the risk of rebound. It is recommended to discuss the reintroduction process with your practitioner. Some people choose to do re-testings to confirm what items have cleared and what not.

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