The common test

Over the years this hair test has proven to be the best test for identifying foods that can cause health problems and reaction. Instead of using overseas labs, we need to test local people for local foods.

Hair500 test covers over 620 Australian foods and products including:
Vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs
Nuts, seeds, oils
Meats, seafood, eggs
Dairy products, lactose-free products and plant based products
Breads, cereals, pasta, gluten-free items, flours
Sugars, salts, condiments and spices
Drinks, alcohols, teas, coffee
Snacks, sauces, spreads
Health foods, supplements, protein powders
Household items
Body products
Metals, petrochemicals, and fibres
Modern foods like – super greens, collagen powders, bone broth, maca etc

Take control of your health and uncover the foods and products that may be causing you health issues. CLICK HERE to purchase the test.